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One on One with Dynamo General Manager Matt Jordan – Part One

Below is Part One of a two-part interview with Dynamo General Manager Matt Jordan.


Keeper Notes:  It’s your first six months on the job here in Houston, how do you think the team is coming along?

Jordan:  I think the team is coming along well.  We have had a lot of positives and some areas we’d like to improve on, but overall I think we have a good group and we are moving in the right direction.

KN:  You inherited a roster that was not a roster built by you or Owen Coyle, how do you think the roster is coming along in putting together a team of your and Owen’s choosing?

Jordan:  Listen, it’s been a lot of hard work.  One thing we’re committed to is always doing what we can to improve the quality of the roster.  I think we’ve turned over about half the roster.   We feel really good about the group that we have that’s been here a while.  The new pieces have come in and we feel we’ve brought a lot of young talent that has a bright future with this club.

KN:  Your thoughts on the acquisition of Sheanon Williams?

Jordan:  What we like about Sheanon is that he has a unique ability to play all positions among the backline.  That’s hard to come by.  He can play centrally, right-back, or left-back.  As we hit the heart of the season that is going to be critical especially with the injury Jermaine Taylor sustained in the Gold Cup.

KN: Houston gave up a “future considerations” and “Allocation dollars” — Is there anything you can say about what those future considerations would be or whether it is a large or small allocation?

Jordan: We feel it was a very good transaction for us, especially when you consider getting a foreign spot for two years out of it.  Right now, we have 7 foreigners with the addition of Rasheed Olabiyi from Nigeria who we feel has a bright future.

KN:  Raul Rodriguez, Luis Garrido, Rasheed Olabiyi, Miranda, Cubo, Manotas, and ?

Jordan:  Lopez

KN:  Is Lopez or any of the others in the process of obtaining a green card?

Jordan:  There are a couple of players we are evaluating applying and going through different channels.  We feel the team is a reflection of the market.  This is a diverse city and we feel the changes we made help the city and the fans identify our teams.

KN:  When do we get the foreign roster spot back from Orlando?

Jordan:  That was before I was here I believe and we get that back at the end of next year.

KN:  Did the Olabiyi signing hurt your leverage or bargaining position when everyone knows you have Cubo Torres coming in and you have to acquire a foreign spot?

Jordan:  Foreign spots are in high demand.  At times, you have to hedge your bets.  You have to make decisions and move forward and we’re glad it’s worked out.


Part II will follow early next week!


Dwain Capodice is a freelance writer covering the Houston Dynamo and the US National Team for Keeper Notes and also serves as the Fan Blogger covering soccer at  He can be reached on twitter @dcapodice or via email at


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