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Brad Davis Out in Houston? Midfielder’s House for Sale

Brad Davis taking a shot at Colorado earlier this season at BBVA Compass Stadium. Credit: Ray Escamilla

Brad Davis taking a shot at Colorado earlier this season at BBVA Compass Stadium. Credit: Ray Escamilla

This off-season the Houston Dynamo have done everything they could to avoid questions about the status of midfielder Brad Davis in their rebuilding plans. Today, it appears Brad Davis’ home in Houston has been listed for sale, a strong indicator that he may be on the way out in Houston.

So how did Houston get here with arguably one of their best players on and off the field?

First, there were rumors this summer and near the end of the year of a trade to Kansas City. Davis attended St. Louis University though, so the story and in particular his destination stood out as a possibility. It seemed those rumors took a big hit when Sporting Kansas City acquired Justin Mapp via free agency.

At a media round-table discussing the team’s off-season plans, Owen Coyle explained in detail how he wanted to improve the team in the off-season. The Dynamo head doach explained that he wanted to add pace and goal-scoring to the wings. One of his wingers was Brad Davis, so the logical follow-up question was asked about Davis’ role moving forward as he is neither the fastest winger in MLS or a goal-scorer. Coyle seemed to duck the question and talk about the other attributes Davis brought to the table.

After the team acquired Cristian Maidana, the talk again focused on Maidana (also a possibility as a left winger) playing as a #10 with Giles Barnes playing on the left wing. Barnes had played on the left a few times for Houston during the year. The only problem with that discussion is that it leaves little room for Brad Davis in Owen Coyle’s system as the two positions filled by Maidana and Barnes would be the two positions Davis would be best suited to play himself.


Does the house listing mean he is done in Houston? Not definitively. He could be moving school districts or into a different home in the Houston area. However, when you put the home listing next to the rumors of his trade, it adds some credence to the possibility. When you read quote after quote from the Dynamo about their rebuilding plans and the role they expect Cristian Maidana and Giles Barnes to play in Houston next year and you rarely hear Brad Davis mentioned, sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire.

Keep checking Keeper Notes as we will attempt to get official confirmation on both the house listing and any trade rumors.


Dwain Capodice is a freelance writer covering the Houston Dynamo and the US National Team for Keeper Notes, and also serves as the Fan Blogger covering soccer at He can be reached on twitter @dcapodice or via email at

  • AdamG

    I’m sure Davis wants everyone to know where he and his family live. Couldn’t have left the link out?

    • Dwain Capodice

      I removed the link. Fair point.

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