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Several Surprising New Faces as Dynamo Open Preseason

Gabriel Brener speaking to the media. Credit: Nigel Brooks

As the Houston Dynamo opened their 2016 preseason, there were several new faces in attendance.  I am not talking about recent signings, unsigned Spanish players rumored to be added, or Academy players training with the first team. The team’s new owners were present as Houston begins its 2016 preseason.

“There won’t be a corporation running the team but a person,” noted Brener. “We will be a lot more agile as an organization and we will make things happen a lot faster. Whatever needs to be changed, we will get it done.”

For new majority owner Gabriel Brener, having a majority interest now gives him the control he lacked to implement the changes he sees fit. Perhaps Brener’s first change for the better was requesting a similar show of force by the team’s other owners. Local businessman Ben Guill and even Oscar Delahoya was in attendance for the teams first training session.

Owen Coyle, Oscar De La Hoya and Chris Canetti having a chat. Credit: Nigel Brooks

“I believe the way we are going to impact this is by being here, by showing the players that we are owners that really support the team,” said the Golden Boy. “Gabriel [Brener] and I are here and we’re supporting 100 percent. We’re going to try to make it to every single game and show the players that we really care and show Houston that we really care about this team. ”

The show of force by the owners was immediately felt by the players.

“It means a lot, especially with Mr. Brener,” said Dynamo midfielder Ricardo Clark. “I’m glad he’s here… We love him around here.”

Brener making his presence felt around the club is nothing new to the veteran Dynamo midfielder. “He has always been very involved,” explained Clark. “Even when he wasn’t the majority owner, he has always been very supportive and involved and shown his face around the locker room…He is awesome and he really is the guy to be there for our team.

For Brener, there is no better business than to be the owner of the Houston Dynamo. While the team’s former majority owner brought the franchise to Houston and built an incredible downtown stadium, that change alone should resonate with Dynamo fans.

“It gives me a great deal of satisfaction,” said Brener. “We are involved in a number of different business industries, but none of them gives me as much pleasure as our soccer team, which is doing nothing but good for the community.”

Dwain Capodice is a freelance writer covering the Houston Dynamo and the US National Team for Keeper Notes and also serves as the Fan Blogger covering soccer at He can be reached on twitter @dcapodice or via email at or

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