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Can Tyler Deric Take Another Step Forward in 2016?

Credit: Nigel Brooks

Credit: Nigel Brooks

At the Houston Dynamo preseason media session, one of the more interesting players that sat down and talked to the media was Dynamo goalkeeper Tyler Deric. While the 27 year old ‘keeper still appears a week or so away from making his 2016 debut, here are some questions and answers he provided at the preseason media session that I did not see reported elsewhere. The questions were asked by various media as part of the media scrum:

Q:  What are your thoughts on 2016? Anything you need to change heading into the season?

A:  I had a really wise goalkeeping coach say – don’t change. Don’t go and have a crazy haircut or wear different clothes, just be you and that’s the only thing you can worry about.

Q:  Did you ever consider Europe or another MLS team?

A:  No. I ‘m Houston through and through. There is nowhere else I want to be.

Q:  Last year you had to earn your stripes as the starter. This year, you enter the year fully entrenched as the team’s starting ‘keeper. How is your role different with the team this year?

A:  There is more responsibility. For me last year, individually I was happy with the progress that I made and the form I put out there, but it is finding that consistency each week. In the beginning of the season I played well, but there was a stretch where I was….not contributing like I wanted to. The point is to maintain that consistency. With this being my eighth season, I feel there is more responsibility being a more senior player on the team and it’s a spot that I relish.

Q:  Speaking of improvement, any contact from Klinsmann or hopes of playing with the US National Team?

A:  I am going to focus on my consistency. If I work on that and on having a cleaner game and not looking so sporadic. A little bit of that is out of my control, I can just focus on what I can do and how I can contribute to the team.


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