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Houston Dash Olympians | Houston Soccer Podcast

Janine Beckie. Credit: Olympics

Janine Beckie. Credit: Olympics

PODCAST: 08/06/2016 – This month’s podcast is an Olympic Houston Dash affair with Australia’s Lydia Williams and Canada’s Allysha Chapman, USWNT’s Morgan Brian, and Canada’s Janine Beckie.

These interviews were conducted a month or so ago prior to the four players departing to join up with their respective national teams. These weren’t originally recorded as podcast interviews, however since fans will likely enjoy listening to them, we have released them as such.

The Williams/Chapman interview appeared in a previous edition of The Mixxed Zone. It is included here again as the Brian and Beckie interviews both reference it and for those who have not listened to it before, it helps complete the set here.

In each interview, we talk about what the Olympics mean, facing club teammates in an international tournament like this and the comparison with the Women’s World Cup for the players that will not have appeared in both. We also talk a little bit about the Dash season up to the point when the players left.

We hope you enjoy these interviews on this special Olympics edition of The Houston Soccer Podcast.

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