KNSS | Zach Steinberger


PODCAST: 02/08/2015 – Houston Dynamo’s Zach “Wolfgang” Steinberger joins the Keeper Notes Soccer Show with Jen Cooper aka The Keeper and FMF Rey Gallegos discussing his travels to Europe, his adjustment with the Dynamo, and more.  Our crew talks their Dynamo preseason impressions, national team updates, and finally, FMF Rey declares his projected starting 11 for the Dynamo. […]

KNSS | Dynamo preseason | US Nats discussion


PODCAST: 02/08/2015 – Joe Offebacher and Dwain Capodice talk Dynamo preseason results versus the Portland Timbers, roster discussions, and the upcoming men’s and woment’s national team games. The KNSS and the WoSo shows are now on Itunes and Stitcher!  Be sure to subscribe and rate the show! Leave us a comment below!

KNSS | Carleigh Williams | Dynamo preseason


PODCAST: 01/26/2015 – The Houston Dynamo preseason is about to kick off and Jen Cooper, aka The Keeper, and FMF Rey Gallegos talk about the upcoming season.  They also interview the Houston Dash’s second draft pick Carleigh Williams about coming to Houston and more! The KNSS and the WoSo shows are now on Itunes and Stitcher! […]

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