WoSoNostalgia “private viewing”

Alex Morgan during CONCACAF Women’s World Cup qualifying, October 2019. Photo by Gia Quilap/Keeper Notes.


The following WoSoNostalgia match videos have been blocked on YouTube, but fans can access the private links to the videos below. All video links include the full match unless otherwise noted; any videos with commentary other than English are also noted.


NCAA Div1 tournament
2004 championship game: UCLA vs Notre Dame
2007 championship game: USC vs UCLA


Olympic qualifying
2012 CANvCUB group stage
2012 USAvCAN final


1996 USAvNOR semifinal – first half only, no commentary
1996 USAvCHN final
2000 USAvNOR final
2004 BRAvMEX quarterfinal – Spanish
2004 USAvGER semifinal
2004 USAvBRA final – Spanish
2008 CANvSWE group stage
2008 CANvARG group stage
2016 USAvCOL group stage – 1st half
2016 USAvCOL group stage – 2nd half


Women’s World Cup
1995 Great Goals, Great Saves & Near Misses official highlights video
1995 Dream Team official highlights video
1999 USAvCHN final with ESPN Classic special commentary from USWNT players
1999 official highlights video
2003 GERvSWE final
2003 All The Goals of the WWC
2003 Great Saves & Near Misses official highlights video
2003 official highlights video
2011 USAvPRK group stage
2015 CANvCHN group stage – highlights